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Copyright Act 2000

Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000

TPerformers have received new rights under the Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000. They relate to the public performance and broadcasting of sound recordings in which performers feature. This means that when a sound recording is used in a public performance (background music) or is broadcast (radio) the performers on the recording are due a royalty.

However, neither performers nor their representatives currently have the right to approach discos or radio stations in order to negotiate and obtain a fee from them. Instead, the legislation puts the responsibility on the Copyright Owner (record companies), Phonographic Performance Ireland Limited (PPI) to do this on behalf of record producers (i.e. the record companies) and performers. The fees collected are then divided between the two categories of rights owners - producers (record companies) and performers.

Performers regard it as absolutely essential that their rights are supervised and directed by an organisation that is controlled by performers and is clearly independent and removed from PPI and record producers. Recorded Artists Actors Performers (R.A.A.P.):

  • negotiates with PPI regarding the split of the fees collected between record producers and performers,
  • gives performers a voice or influence over PPI's licensing activities to ensure that they are being carried out for the maximum benefit of performers,
  • ensures that PPI's costs are closely scrutinised and, most importantly
  • ensures that the appropriate transparent and accurate distribution data is collected by PPI so that the maximum number of performers will benefit from their distributions.

All the above relates to the administration of performers' rights in Ireland. However, there is also the important issue of fees that are collected in other countries for Irish performers.

Overseas performers' associations have entered into reciprocal agreements with R.A.A.P. This means that when sound recordings containing Irish performers are used in other territories the fees are repatriated and distributed to the performers here in Ireland.

As part of the process, Recorded Artists Actors Performers Ltd (R.A.A.P.) has been incorporated as a company limited by guarantee which is controlled by a Board of Directors elected by the members of the association.

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