I really started writing music to challenge myself, to see what I could write.
- Amy Winehouse

Becoming R.A.A.P. member

Membership is free - simply fill in the membership form or alternatively you can write, phone or e-mail R.A.A.P. to have the forms sent to you. For FAQs please click here. A copy of your passport or birth certificate should accompany your application.

Membership is open to the estate of deceased performers.

To exploit fully your earning potential it is very important that you complete in as much detail as possible ALL contributions you have made to sound recordings on the discography form.

It is also important that you update us with all new recordings that you have been involved in.

As a member we automatically collect of your income and inform you of payment dates. We make two annual distributions, in May for Irish income and December for all foreign income.

*** Please note it is important when registering with RAAP to include a membership form, a discography form and a copy of your photo ID e.g. Passport or Driving Licence. It is not necessary to wait for your membership number before sending in your discography form.