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- Bono

Joining R.A.A.P.

Recorded Artists Actors Performers is a royalty collecting organisation working on behalf of music performers. It was officially launched on 15th February 2001. R.A.A.P. is a not-for-profit members organisation that was set up to administer a new economic right for artists following the introduction of The Copyright Act on 1st January 2001. R.A.A.P. collects and administers royalties for radio broadcast on behalf of its members.
Any artist who has contributed to a sound recording that is publicly broadcast is entitled to equitable remuneration. This is a payment and is administered for artists by R.A.A.P.

Our mission is:

  • To collect royalties on behave of artists and performers when a sound recording that they have contributed to is publicly broadcast in Ireland and worldwide.
  • To protect and promote performer rights.
  • To endorse performer talents.

Why should you join R.A.A.P.? The answer is very simple:
Whether you are a main artist or a session musician, if any tracks that you have performed on are broadcast on the radio or played in public, you need to register with R.A.A.P. to ensure you receive any airplay royalties that may be due to you.

When joining R.A.A.P., all you need to do is post in: