RAAP Annual General Meeting 2020

Due to the exceptional circumstances of the Covid-19 crisis, the Board of RAAP decided that the 2020 RAAP AGM will take place remotely on Monday 16th November 2020 at 11a.m.

Registration to participate in the AGM is now open. Through the following link you can start to register – Registration Form. Registration will close on Thursday 29th October 2020 at 5p.m. For any queries regarding the registration process don’t hesitate to contact the office.

On the technical side, for the remote AGM, we will use two different tools to carry out successfully the purpose of this meeting:

  • 1. A video conference tool to take part in the meeting.
  • 2. For Registered members, an online voting system for the approval or rejection of the items on the Agenda.

A separate communication of the procedure and the steps to follow during the A.G.M./G.A. will be provided in due course to each member who has registered to participate.

All documents to be presented at the AGM are available on our website.